Kicking Off with New Investors – Building Team at Every Level

We closed and announced our $5.25MM Series B in the last few weeks.  It was crucial to me that our shareholders, employees and vendors (which together comprise the Windsor Circle team!) have the opportunity to really engage and build relationships.  So, we created a very intentional and open set of events at the first board meeting with the new investors to really bring the humans involved in this shared journey to the forefront and to really weave the fabric of the team, writ large.

Stakeholders from all aspects of the team commented on how fruitful (and unique) this endeavor was, so I thought I’d share it.  Can’t claim it as a best practice given the sample size of having done it one time, but it “felt” right.  

(In the interest of time, I’m just cutting and pasting the original proposal with some edits)….

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Matt Williamson
Subject: Windsor Circle Board Meeting Proposal – July 30 Social, July 31 Meeting
To: <*********>

Team – 
As you know, a smooth functioning board is as important to me as a smooth functioning internal team.  So, let’s have some fun and do some good business, too, during this first board meeting, and let’s have a mix of full team and board specific functions.
We won’t go to this depth every time…  but I’d really like to dig deep and get the relationship set nicely on this first one.
So…  here’s what I propose:
Wednesday, July 30 – Social (Full Team)
6:30pm – Happy Hour at WC HQ
8:00pm – Walking Tour of Explosive Growth in the Bull City (Board, Mgmt, Vendors) – I’m working to get Matthew Coppedge, COO of Downtown Durham, Inc. to guide this tour… he can speak to interesting aspects of both the history of Durham and the amazing growth that’s happening right now.
9:30pm – Ice cream social at the Parlour
Thursday, July 31 – Business
7:00am – (Optional) 5k Downtown Durham Run at Marriott Downtown (Anyone)
9:00am – Investor Panel and Bagel Breakfast at WC HQ (Full Team)
10:00am – Board Meeting at WC HQ (Board + Mgmt team)
12:30pm – End
Let me know what you think.
p.s. – Quick side note:  As you know, one of our strongest corporate principles is openness and transparency.  During the panel, you may get really open questions about the process of fundraising, the rigors of high growth, what you’re seeing in the marketplace, etc.  It’s ok to answer very openly.  We talk about things as sensitive as how many paychecks we have left, etc, and it builds really high levels of camaraderie and trust in our team.  We’re honest with ourselves about where we fall down and where we need improvement (in add’n to a lot of celebrating about the great things we’re accomplishing).  Net: we trust each other b/c we work hard on it.  As part of the team, you have full license (and my expectation!) to share your thoughts/perspectives openly.

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