5 Critical Components of Building A Winning Startup Team

This week I was invited to speak at an entrepreneur’s only lunch hosted by CED, on the topic of building winning teams in a startup environment.

The attached presentation highlights what I think of as 5 Critical Components of Building a Winning Startup Team.

CED Entrepreneur Series Nov 2013

  1. Founding Team – Share Equity and Play Fair
  2. Commander’s Intent – Capturing Vision, Mission and Principles
  3. Know Thyselves – Personality Profiles with Myers Briggs
  4. Be Big Now – Ruthlessly Repeating Who You Want to be Tomorrow, Today
  5. A Little Crazy is Good – Tapping into Creativity, Spontaneity, and Uniqueness

The presentation contains specific examples from our experience as a startup (although you’ll have to forgive a few greyed out areas to protect confidentiality).



Author: wi11iamm


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