Run with Matt

The entrepreneur’s schedule is hectic, to say the least.  It certainly forces prioritization, and unfortunately, I’ve found myself turning down opportunities to meet with really interesting entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get together (usually over coffee or lunch) to share thoughts or seek advice.

I’m managing to keep a somewhat regular exercise schedule to keep the engine running smoothly, and I love running with other people, so I thought I’d double down on this use of this time by making it an open option for people who want to get together.

Net: If you can run 2.5 miles anywhere between 8 min pace and 10 min pace, I’d love to meet with you!


  • Where: Downtown Durham YMCA (map)
  • When: Typically mid day, but can do early morning on Mon / Wed / Fri.
  • Route:
    • Downtown YMCA
    • Left on Trinity Avenue
    • Left on Buchanan
    • Left on Main St
    • Left on Morgan
    • Downtown YMCA

Ok…  I’m All In.  What Do I Do Now?

Here’s my calendar.  Find a one hour slot in here that works for you and let me know one or two times that work.

What if I Don’t Have a Y Membership?

I have some guest passes.  We’ll get you squared away.


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